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ID Category Task Type Priority Severity Summary Status Progress
6Router IssuesBug ReportMediumHighConnections to EVIX downAssigned
Task Description

We have encountered a new fault with the EVIX remote VPN, this prevents access to EVIX’s switch fabric, and all other interconnected EVIX peers, including No solve is implemented

4Router IssuesBug ReportVery HighCriticalConnection Timeout and Routing ErrorsNo Further Investigation
Task Description

For some reason (unknown to us), the below prefixes are experiencing some issues:
- 2a0c:b641:180::/44
- 2a0d:2582:100::/44
(Both routed to de-fra2)
The issue has appeared for several days, however most noticable when we rolled out our RPoP scheme, however all RPoP prefixes SEEM fine:
- 2a0d:2582:120::1
- 2a0d:2582:130::1 (NoRoute but we have only recently configured)
- 2a0d:2582:140::1 (Not fully propogated)
- 2a0d:2582:150::1 (Not fully propogated)

We believe issue lies somewhere within a carrier, however we are still investigating as nothing is very clear

3IXP ConnectionsBug ReportMediumLowOPTiX Connections closedNo Further Investigation
Task Description

We have closed all BGP connections to OPTiX Exchange (BGP disable) to debug failure to connect
to majority of IPv6 sites without using a specific source address. Updates will be
updated regularly over the course of debugging.

Unfortunately, at this point we either debug the cause to this or we remove OPTiX Exchange
and OPTiX Transit from our upstreams. (We can still connect to OPTiX other ways), and
if not we will have to find a new IP-Transit providor.

Also keep track of connections to OPTiX by using

2Router IssuesBug ReportMediumLowUnknown downtime for testing IPNo Further Investigation
Task Description

Last night about 00:51, our gateway/testing IP faulted.
Since, at about 00:55, it was back up however investigating is needed to determine why this actually happened.

Effected IP: ::1.

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