h telecom
H Telecom is the name i operate my little network under, there is no commercial services and across
tunnels a high bandwidth is not guarenteed, but it is a way to securely transport data using my own
means and wishes.

It is increasingly handy for far-from-home working and enables me to access my local network away
from it. The name H Telecom was coined together just to be an umbrella for the serveral systems inside
it, H Telecom may also be reffered to as: 'HNG Uni[ted]Tel[ecommnications]', 'HTnet', 'HNGnet', but these
are all the same thing. The external H Telecom is IPv6 only, it's simply cheaper, and the inside IPv4
works using local space, mainly space

Probably maybe 90%, things go down, I'm not spending 24/7 monitoring an email, so leave an email to
hng@su.mt and I'll reply the next day, below are some important things and how to monitor them:

(AU = Always Up, important service, BE = Best effort, not important, might fall)

How things work
The main IPv6 subnets work as follows: Meaning local clients have plenty of addresses, and local IPv4 is as follows: The general capacity of the network is gigabit, internally and externally, the only time you won't get
Gigabit is for the the Exernal IPv6 onto the local network, of which may be restricted down to 100 megabits
or so in which the traffic is pushed down a tunnel. You may see an example of a speedtest here