Pluto Internet provides internet transit to selected hobby ASN's, for free.

Generally, we provision from our fra2 PoP (KleyReX, LocIX & EVIX), which is linked to the following upstreams:

  • iFog GmbH (Local)
  • Johannes Ernst (KleyReX)
  • Staclar Carrier (LocIX)
  • OpenFactory GmbH (Tunnel)
  • NetAssist (Tunnel)

However you should note, we do not guarentee ALL these providors will take your routes as some are not accepting transit routes, you will get about 2~3 upstreams connecting via us to some major tier 1 providors.

Our own network Our own network runs on two PoP's, they are Frankfurt (x2), however soon we'll be adding a third, being on VMHaus' London. We run on the following upstreams:

  • Frankfurt 2 (2a0d:2582:100::/44, 2a0c:b641:180::/44)
    1. Staclar Carrier
    2. OpenFactory GmbH (Preference is 200, x4 Appended)
    3. NetAssist (Preference is 180, x2 Appended)
    4. iFog GmbH
    5. Johannes Ernst
  • Frankfurt 3 (2a0d:2582:140::/44, 2a0d:2582:150::/44)
    1. SecureBit (Preference is 200, x4 Appended)
    2. Alex Delporte

We do these increase of preference and AS appending to reduce the likelyhood of any network hold-up, and to reduce costs incase of a paid transit, also to stop known issues re-occuring, for example, Our OpenFactory connection goes over a tunnel, hence is less reliable than iFog, of whom we are connected to locally, hence we prefer the iFog route, rather than the longer tunnel one. But still we always have a fallback if one connection is to break.