HNG (Pluto Internet) is a remotely connected network. Connected via 2 PoP's (More information on connectivity is at, and further remotely connected via SIT and different tunnels, as below:

  • Frankfurt 3, Connected to Frankfurt 2 with 2a0d:2582:100:f1::2
  • Frankfurt 2, Connected to Frankfurt 3 with 2a0d:2582:100:f1::1
  • London 1, Connected to Frankfurt 2 with 2a0d:2582:100:f2::2
  • Frankfurt 2, Connected to London 1 with 2a0d:2582:100:f2::1

(Each remote connection has a rule, their IP is 2a0d:2582:100:f[count]::2, and the servers is the same but with ::1)

Of course, some nodes and servers are likewise connected to the outside world through their own upstreams, but some servers are connected entirely via these interconnected tunnel.